The Possibilities

The Possibilities

The possibilities are endless when you get involved with the Winnipeg Flying Club. Our members enjoy 24/7 access to the hanger. Plane reservations are made via a shared calendar, and any scheduling matters are resolved member to member, just like a shared ownership organization. The WFC is truly the closest thing to owning a plane, but at a fraction of the cost!

A True Cross Country Machine

Whether it’s a remote airstrip on the prairies or a busy commercial airport, the airplane is prepared for your flying adventures. The unique nature of the club allows members to take the plane on extended trips. The plane has been all the way from Whitehorse, YT, to New Orleans, LA!

Access to the United States

The WFC maintains a valid US Customs placard allowing for flight into US airspace. And, with the the ADS-B in/out transponder, the plane is fully compliant with the 2020 FAA regulation changes.