The Details


Members pay a $500 annual fee to be a member of WFC.

Rental Rates

Rental fees are calculated on the hobbs meter time at $130.00/hour plus tax.


Most members refill at CYAV self-serve pump.


The plane carries up to 80 US. Gal of 100LL, which will last about 5.5 hours in cruise.

Weight and Balance

The plane has a max take off weight of 3100lbs and a max landing weight of 2950lbs. You can get approximately 650lbs of usefully load with full fuel.

Flight Requirements

Every member must be a PPL or higher in good standing with Transport Canada, and have a minimum of 100 hours of flight experience with a checkout in a 182 or equivalent competence.


There is ample room in the back seat for passangers to sit comfortabliy, with full intercom jacks. You’re really only restricted by weight.


Most members own their own headset, but the club does have a small collection of older guest headsets for use.