The Plane

The Plane

Cessna 182 Skylane (C-GKMD)

Based at St. Andrews Airport (CYAV), the WFC’s own 1978 Cessna 182Q is in great shape with overall low total time. It’s certified for IFR use, and the club conducts regular maintenance every 50, 100, and 200 hours.

Our members are the ‘owners’ of the plane, and take the same care of it as if it was their own.

The Avionics

Garmin 530W

The gold standard in general aviation aircraft, the 530W is WAAS enabled and the club keeps the databases current, so you’re ready for your next IFR cross country.

Garmin GNC 255

Brand new (2020) Nav/Comm unit offering best in class for a secondary radio. Using GPS, your selected frequency will display the related facility name, ensuring you’re on the right channel. Many members use this as their primary radio due to the enhanced workflow. Listen to a total of 3 active frequencies with the side bar monitoring feature.

Lynx L3 Transponder

State of the art touchscreen ADS-B in and out. Provides an inflight Wifi network to stream data (GPS, Traffic, Weather) to your EFB.


The autopilot handles the roll axis and can be set via the heading bug.

King KI525A HSI

The HSI is coupled to the Garmin 530W and can be used to control the autopilot (heading bug) and provides full situational awareness, whether its flying via GPS or traditional navaid’s.

ADS-B In/Out

Experience the true value from a next generation transponder by connecting your EFB (eg. ForeFlight) and get live ADS-B traffic (including some traffic in Canada) as well as weather (US only)

JPI Engine Monitor & Fuelscan

Time-tested engine monitors to know exactly how each of the cylinders and running and to assist in monitoring fuel flow.

The Club

The Club

The Winnipeg Flying Club is a member owned non profit club. The WFC was founded in 1927 and was originally operated as a flight school. Today, the WFC has evolved to a member run organization. The WFC is administered by a Board of Directors made up of our own flying members.


Complete your preflight trip planning, update your logbook after a trip, or even use the club BBQ to grill up some dinner. The WFC Hanger has all the amenities you need.


Complete your walk around from the comfort of a heated hanger.

Members have 24/7 access to the hanger so no matter what your flight plans are, you’re covered.

The Possibilities

The Possibilities

The possibilities are endless when you get involved with the Winnipeg Flying Club. Our members enjoy 24/7 access to the hanger. Plane reservations are made via a shared calendar, and any scheduling matters are resolved member to member, just like a shared ownership organization. The WFC is truly the closest thing to owning a plane, but at a fraction of the cost!

A True Cross Country Machine

Whether it’s a remote airstrip on the prairies or a busy commercial airport, the airplane is prepared for your flying adventures. The unique nature of the club allows members to take the plane on extended trips. The plane has been all the way from Whitehorse, YT, to New Orleans, LA!

Access to the United States

The WFC maintains a valid US Customs placard allowing for flight into US airspace. And, with the the ADS-B in/out transponder, the plane is fully compliant with the 2020 FAA regulation changes.

The Details


Members pay a $500 annual fee to be a member of WFC.

Rental Rates

Rental fees are calculated on the hobbs meter time at $130.00/hour plus tax.


Most members refill at CYAV self-serve pump.


The plane carries up to 80 US. Gal of 100LL, which will last about 5.5 hours in cruise.

Weight and Balance

The plane has a max take off weight of 3100lbs and a max landing weight of 2950lbs. You can get approximately 650lbs of usefully load with full fuel.

Flight Requirements

Every member must be a PPL or higher in good standing with Transport Canada, and have a minimum of 100 hours of flight experience with a checkout in a 182 or equivalent competence.


There is ample room in the back seat for passangers to sit comfortabliy, with full intercom jacks. You’re really only restricted by weight.


Most members own their own headset, but the club does have a small collection of older guest headsets for use.


Join us – email info [at] winnipegflyingclub [dot] com